The miraDry procedure is approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and is the only medical device that dramatically reduces underarm sweat, odor and hair, permanently. The procedure delivers precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the area under the arm where the sweat glands reside, heating and eliminating sweat, odor and hair follicles. Since these glands and follicles do not regenerate, results are lasting.

The procedure involves no surgical incisions or cuts. The clinician customizes the treatment for each underarm area with multiple placements of the miraDry hand-piece. Local anesthesia is administered to the underarms prior to the procedure to maintain comfort.

There are other treatment options designed to temporarily disable one’s sweat and odor glands, as well as treatment options that involve surgery, which carries inherent risks. Only the miraDry procedure provides a permanent solution with a non-invasive treatment.

Some patients question if their body needs underarm sweat glands. The average human body contains over four million sweat glands, of which only about 2% are in the underarms. Eliminating the underarm sweat glands will not affect the body’s ability to cool itself.

Treatment & Results

Each miraDry procedure takes approximately 90 minutes. The recommendation for recovery is to take a mild over-the-counter pain medication and use the ice packs you are sent home with for a few days. You should be able to return to normal activities or work right after the procedure, and you can typically resume exercise within several days. Some localized soreness or swelling is normal, and typically clears within a few weeks. Some patients have short-term altered sensation in the skin of their underarms or upper arms, which gradually disappears.

Patients report a dramatic reduction of their sweat, odor and hair.  In a recent clinical trial1, the average sweat and odor reduction was 86% and the hair reduction was 70%. You should see a reduction immediately following treatment. As with any medical procedure, results will vary from one patient to the next.

The results are permanent because the sweat and odor glands and hair follicles do not come back or regenerate after they have been eliminated. The miraDry procedure uses a safe, non-invasive technology that is FDA approved.

Post Care

There may be some localized soreness or swelling following treatment. However, this should not greatly impact your ability to complete every day activities and should subside in a few weeks.

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