Fitness Programs at Bella Body Yardley PA

Personal Training & Fitness

Reduce stress with our wellness programs at Bella Body Medical Spa, located in Yardley, PA. We offer expert yoga, Pilates, TRX, personal nutrition and lifestyle coaching. When you arrange a session with our one of our certified trainers, you will be able to improve and enhance your life from the inside out. Our specialists can help clients with a variety of health-related issues, including weight loss, strength building, musculoskeletal conditions, posture improvement, as well as anxiety and depression. Schedule a complimentary consultation with us today, and get started on the path to relaxation and reflection. Private and semi-private personal fitness sessions include:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • TRX Training 
  • Personal Nutrition
  • Lifestyle coaching 


Yoga is a way of life, an integrated means of synchronizing mind, spirit, and body. Learning how to use this meditation-based practice to create a state of balance can help you lower your blood pressure, minimize anxiety, and improve your overall hormonal function. Yoga originated in India, thousands of years ago and is now accepted and practiced by all walks of life all over the globe. Often recommended in combination with other forms of treatment, Yoga offers various modes of effective physical therapy that can help relieve painful conditions such as arthritis, muscle stiffness, constipation, respiratory conditions, and sleep disorders.

This ancient and holistic practice aids in preserving physical, mental and emotional health, regardless of age or physical condition.  There is not a concept of competition with others and it is encouraged to proceed at your own pace.  Yoga speaks to all systems in the mind and body, and is an extremely important factor for obtaining optimal levels of health.

Personal Training & Fitness Programs Bella Body
Personal Training & Fitness Programs


An energizing mind-body workout that emphasizes proper breathing, spinal and pelvic alignment, Pilates is ideal for those interested in building muscle without excess bulk, strengthening core muscles, toning body frame, and promoting proper posture and balance. This workout has been found to help prevent cardiovascular disease, improve arthritis and aid with spinal health.

The quality of movement is prized over the quantity of repetitions in Pilates. Your ability to execute movements with maximum effectiveness and efficiency is powered by proper breathing. When concentrating on smooth, flowing movement becomes integrated with breath, you become intensely in tune with your body.  This allows you to learn how to control the movement of your body and to increase your overall mind body awareness.

TRX Training

TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. This training utilizes your own body weight and gravity to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability, while preventing injuries.

This workout can be performed anywhere you have an anchor point, which makes it ideal for those who are frequent travelers.  You can minimize your workout time by working your entire body, switching from one exercise to the next in just seconds.  Your core is engaged in every exercise to help you develop abdominal strength and stability that will only enhance your results. Utilizing your own body weight and gravity, you can control the intensity and adjust each routine to your own personal fitness level. This customization benefit eliminates the need for multiple sized weights or different fitness equipment. The constant movement keeps your heart rate up through a ‘no wasted time’ method in all of the workouts. The best part? TRX continuously challenges your body through every exercise to ensure your results never plateau.

Personal Training & Fitness Programs Bella Body Yardley PA

Personal Nutrition

Personal Nutrition can help clients who want to lose weight, are dealing with a chronic illness, struggling with food allergies, or simply hoping to enhance their overall quality of life. This program offers the customized, daily guidance necessary to reach your full health potential.  You will receive the VIP treatment you deserve, from a personalized consultation to delicious meal plans and recipes, to ongoing support from your expert nutritionist.

Lifestyle Coaching

What can lifestyle coaching do for you?

  • Give clarity on life dreams and then create a realistic plan on how to achieve your goals.
  • Create healthy boundaries in all of your relationships with others and yourself.
  • Help you determine, through a defined process, who is allowed into your life.
  • Allow you to gain the full understanding that you were meant for happiness, peace and great things.

Although, your life coach cannot “fix” your life or your problems, they can help you gain more clarity, more understanding, and form a plan of action. However, coaching and therapy are not magic solutions.  The process gives you the ability to think big and then break your dreams down into doable steps.

Keep in mind that happiness is not reserved for special people, everyone has regrets and lingering pain from past experiences.  We all have the ability to heal our wounds and step into a more balanced, content state of being. Most importantly, know that you deserve to live out a happy, healthy life.