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Bella Body Medical Spa is the go-to place for non-invasive facial treatments, body contouring and spa treatments in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and surrounding area. Our philosophy is to promote beauty and well-being through a personalized approach, offering cutting edge procedures, custom treatments and products that are clinically proven. From our private treatment rooms, to our luxury recovery room, every corner of our facility has been designed with your comfort and safety in mind.

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Our VIP Membership Club allows you to address all of your aesthetic concerns year-round, without breaking the bank. Results are accomplished with the combination of advanced aesthetic treatments and medical skincare products that are handpicked to your specific needs, so that you can look and feel like the most beautiful version of you, every day.

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Aesthetic Solutions

We pride ourselves on delivering the utmost quality of service with our state of the art cosmetic treatments and technology.  The expertise of our team along with our innovative procedures and methods ensure our clients achieve their goals with superior results.  Our emphasis on personalized beauty and health supports each client to “Be your own kind of beautiful.”

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  • The Miracle Shot

    Are you bothered by a double chin? ⁣⁣
    Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment that destroys those fat cells…permanently! ⁣⁣Whether it’s unwanted fat under the chin, armpit, or belly, Kybella truly is your miracle shot. From the makers of Botox, […]

  • PRF aka the Natural Filler

    When thinking of PRF, three words come to mind…refresh, rejuvenate, restore. Not only is PRF itself natural, it also provides natural looking-results! We love being able to offer this revolutionary new treatment to our clients.
    What is PRF?
    PRF (platelet-rich fibrin), is […]


    Summer is gone and the holidays are approaching. Now is the perfect time for an IPL treatment!

    We love summer but unfortunately, our skin does not. IPL therapy can undo the damage that the sun has caused. Treatments cannot be done […]

  • Maskne

    Not long ago when we heard the word “face mask” we thought of good skin. We thought of skincare masks that are used to help clear our complexion. Now, you probably think of a medical mask. Unfortunately, this type of […]

  • Peel In Your Pajamas

    At-Home Retinal Stimulater Peel
    Why Now?
    What better time to peel, be red and flakey, than now? Use this time while at home in your pjs to better your skin. Come out of quarantine glowing! Challenge your girlfriends/boyfriends to do it as […]


    Just because the days are colder and darker doesn’t mean that your spirit has to be! One of the best pick me ups during this time of year is some much-needed pampering. A Hydrafacial will give you just that! Even […]

  • INTENSIFY Your Results!

    EndyMed Intensif: Combining Microneedling and RF for Superior Results!

    The EndyMed Intensif RF Microneedle system is designed to help rejuvenate skin by improving tone and texture while also tightening. ⁣⁣This treatment will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne and scars.⁣⁣

    It is […]

  • Your Skin Deserves a Drink

    Your new favorite cocktail is here…for your skin! The Botox Facial is the perfect mix to solve your skin imperfections!

    When it comes to wrinkles, Botox is our best friend. Did you know that Botox can also shrink pores, slow […]


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